About Me

Beer “Beer” is my passion (definition: any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling). It is such a unbelievable human creation with an unimaginable force in human existence. From the first city of Çatalhöyük over 6000 years ago to today the world has been influenced by beer. Almost every person’s history is in part due to beer. Most of our luxuries that we take for granted were invented for the production of beer. But most of us know very little about this sweet malt liquid that you probably know more about the moon than the ingredients in beer.
I have been a brewer for over 20 years. I became a BJCP Beer judge in 1996. I have met and talked to the likes of Micheal Jackson (no not the singer), Fred Eckhard, Charles Papazian, Fred Maytag and many many more. I have traveled to many other countries and most of the United States in search of beer and the production of beer. I have won numerous awards, and medals in local, regional and national competitons for my beers. I have studied every aspect of what beer is and what it has left behind. But I have only scratched the surface of understanding what beer is.
Well I hope to convey on this web blog just some of the information that’s locked up in my head about beer. I also hope to make it enjoyable for you to read and find something useful and learn something new about this awesome beverage we call beer. In turn I will gain more knowledge and understanding about the passion that I have for beer.
So find yourself a beer and drink up and be apart of history. “Cheers”
The Ale Guy

I also have other hobbies I enjoy gardening, of course I grow my own hops.

one day of picking

cooking with beer.


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    May 15, 2012 at 7:05 pm

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